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Civilization is deep and mysterious in nature.

Civilization is deep and mysterious in nature.

While it has been defined by many lexicographers, to me, it is the process of setting man free from men, and the distance a man has placed between himself and his excreta. You may as well give it a definition of your own in accordance with how deep or shallow you understand or think of it.
Is civilization a pain or a gain? Don’t trouble yourself much over this question. Our civilization is wonderful in certain spectacular ways; wonderful in scientific marvels and inventive miracles; wonderful in material inflation, which it calls advancement, progress, and other pet names; wonderful in its spying-out of the deep secrets of nature and its vanquishment of her stubborn laws; wonderful in its extraordinary financial and commercial achievements; wonderful in its hunger for money, and in its indifference as to how it is acquired; wonderful in the hitherto undreamed-of magnitude of its private fortunes and the prodigal fashion in which they are given away to institutions devoted to the public culture; wonderful in its exhibitions of poverty; wonderful in its surprises which it gets out of that great new-birth, the latest and most potent creation and miracle-worker of the commercialized intellect, as applied in transportation systems, in manufacturing, in the system of communication, in news-gathering, book-publishing, journalism, in protecting labour; in oppressing labour; in herding the national parties and keeping the sheep docile and usable; in closing the public service against brains and characters; in electing purchasable legislatures, and city governments which rob the town and sell municipal protection to gamblers, thieves, prostitutes, and professional seducers for cash.
In my country, it is civilization which has destroyed the simplicity and repose of life; replaced its contentment, its poetry, its soft romance-dreams, its cultures and traditions, and visions with the money-fever, sordid ideals, vulgar ambitions, and the sleep which does not refresh; it has invented a thousand vicious appetites and satisfies none of them; it has dethroned God and set up a shekel in His place.
Civilization is a two-sided coin, the probability of getting the P when tossed, is higher in percent to the G… To hit the nail on the head, “civilization will not attain its perfection until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest”.


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